Each piece is unique based on location, style, size, and our communications. A normal painting can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on how the check-in goes and the swiftness of our communications. (Excludes drying time and delivery.)

Rush options are available.


  1. Consultation for the project is free of charge, and we use this time (phone, online video conference, or in person) to agree on details like size, palette, style, timeline, etc.

  2. Proposal is sent, signed and deposit paid. Next, the creating begins!

  3. We’ll have at least one check-in (via studio visit or photos sent to you) to agree we’re on track. I allow up to 2 reasonable revisions. (Major re-working may incur an additional fee.)

  4. Once approved, there can be a wait time until the piece is dry enough to transport, then delivery will take place.

cost and payments

There is no extra charge for doing commissions, and I use the same pricing structure as my studio works (based on size). Payment structure Is broken into deposit plus two installments:

  • 50% deposit up front prior to commencement of work

  • 30% upon first review / check-in (2nd installment)

  • 20% upon completion and approval (prior to release)

If any additional fees are incurred (such as a major re-work), the amount is collected with the 2nd installment.

I accept check, cash and major credit cards.


Things happen from time to time, so I do my best to consider things on a case-by-case basis.

However, if the piece has progressed further than 1/2 way, the deposit is no longer refundable. If less than 1/2 way, a fair determination of investment thus far will be calculated and applied against the deposit. Refunds and credits are not possible after the 2nd installment has been made.

your custom artwork

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Travel commission by artist Jill McLean, 2015

Travel commission by artist Jill McLean, 2015

Part of a triptych commission by artist Jill McLean, 2018

Part of a triptych commission by artist Jill McLean, 2018