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Jill McLean is a Chicago based Artist working with oils on canvas, bookmaking and drawing. Having an affinity for light and beauty, she brings out these inner elements from her subject matter of memories, hopes, places and people.

Born in Los Angeles and raised by the beach in Corona del Mar, CA, Jill brings over 25 years of expertise and artistry to you, with a range of work including abstract art, graphic design, branding, and editorial / narrative writing. Having the unique balance of commercial design and studio arts has developed an incredible capacity for her to provide a clear pathway to true collaboration with her clients, collectors and partners.

Jill now resides in Chicago and creates from her wonderful studio space in the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, IL.


Jill McLean

Jill McLean Studios is a tri-disciplinary creative venture that transforms space, life and business through storytelling. Creation of commissioned and studio artworks, graphic design and strategy, plus narrative and editorial writing provide clients and collectors with style, brand, success and voice.

With a lifelong participation in the Fine Art world, over 25 years in the Visual Communications field, and a solid backdrop of writing, my focus is doing what I love for the benefit of others. This is much more than just running a studio — it is a lasting endeavor to “create life” (my philosophy) in all I do. The most significant value I emphasize is reflecting a clear, honest vision of my clients and collectors with every purchase or project. Both personalization and sophistication are central to this outcome.

Most significant engagements include:

• Interior Designers
• Private Art Collectors
• Small marketing and branding agencies
• Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs
• Corporations and institutions
• Magazine and other editorial efforts
• Personal story-telling (writing, memory books)

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Jill McLean
Creative Founder
IG - jillmcleanstudios
FB - jill.mclean.77