NUE Chicago Magazine

Brit Thill – Modern Bohemian “It Girl”
By Jill McLean

She opened the door and I was greeted with a brilliance matching the beautiful Chicago morning. Two years ago Brit and her watercolors were in a show I’d curated. I adored her back then, but was floored at how much she’d evolved into a strong and stunning woman. Her eye makeup and skin was flawless, her hair now a streamlined, angled bob with intense contrasting tones.

Going up to the huge live / work loft owned by fellow artist Mat Barber Kennedy, my breath stopped a moment. Great light and high ceilings offered the perfect environment to keep pushing forward in this stage of her art career as she works in watercolor, oils and (soon) clay. Her work is a stream of consciousness, and creating frees her from the alienation she encountered while growing up, using levity to dissolve it. 

With perfect clarity, she reveals a few special things that have been central to her character, outlook, and even her future, with David Bowie and Jack White being her two greatest loves.

“Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to art by going to galleries and museums, so my parents didn’t know to foster the creative drive I had all along. Instead, I was introduced to music, leading me to a fascination with people like Bowie and White. These two aren’t just about the music, but the entire thing they embody – theatrics, experimentation, doing album after album and being so into what they do. I thrive on this! For me, it’s not just about my painting, but also the lifestyle, the living in it, the experience, the relationship with painting and keeping it kindled.”

I’m in love with Brit’s philosophy. In a world where so many things can pull us off course, she continues to unfold in a beautiful and honest way. 

“I’m really just me! An artsy weirdo who loves space and sci-fi things and is really a nerd, but VERY into fashion. I’m driven and wild in doing whatever I’m interested in, giving myself freedom, keeping it open-ended. I’m different now than I was before, seeing how it goes ... I’ve done this my entire life! I can do spikes now instead of flowers. I keep moving forward but at the core I’m still the same person.”

Thanks for being the effervescent, hula-hooping, wine-loving writer and artist ... and our wildly favorite modern bohemian “it girl”. Keep inspiring us, Brit!