Rod Alan Baker: Being “Extraordinarily You!”
By Jill McLean

With the bluest eyes, Rod Alan Baker welcomes us into his stunning 6,000 square foot design showroom retreat. His energy is bright and deliberate, putting everyone around him at ease, sparking real excitement for being in his extraordinary world. Rod’s creative fingerprint is everywhere in this dream-like setting, and he shares that his intention was to design everything just like a plush castle, a true testament to his “Sweet Spot” philosophy. Exquisite décor, a sea of delicious clothing to procure, a scotch room, along with entertaining, relaxing, and business areas of unmatchable luxury… his taste is impeccable and his creative life shines everywhere.

Born in Kansas, Rod was the middle of five boys. His childhood recollects strong musical talents in the family, and performing on stage was a regular staple starting at age 4, recalling that even back then what he wore was always at the center of his passions. His father was a huge inspiration and influence, always looking dapper, and an example of how to be a master craftsmanship in his dress and work. Rod realized how much he loved clothing, loved dressing himself, and most importantly, understood that how one dresses is a direct form of communication of who we are… one of his central tenets to this day.

Creating his first business at age 8, Rod was unstoppable and afraid of nothing! By age 20, the entrepreneurial Rod secured a meeting with the formidable oil mogul Marvin Davis (by skirting security in the building, no less) and began a powerful creative path and life-long friendship with one of his most incredible mentors to date. With gratitude, he shares, “Marvin taught me about creating relationships that support the ease of life for others, eliminating pettiness, and most of all, stepping up to be a pro. These lessons led me to understand that I wanted to slide in to an expert role, not be referenced as a “salesman” which was a common perception of me as I literally went door to door to sell my business.”

Helping others align to who they really are through clothing for over 35 years, his business “rod alan” ( advises and curates custom high-end wardrobes. Clients include a range of men, women, young, mature, celebrities, CEO’s of major companies, and it continues to diversify constantly. His recent book, “Extraordinarily You From the Inside Out,” guides readers in aligning with their unique wiring, and shows that how one dresses is a direct communication of this to the world. Graciously returning the beauty of his own journey and blessings to others, Rod has a gift for leading one to the real self, reflected in dress and all areas of life. Always reaching higher, his speaking engagements impact sales teams, company culture branding efforts… there’s not enough room here to list them all. Rod Alan Baker makes so many things turn to gold it’s a gift to know him, work with him, and best of all, be changed by him.