An Original Pelican Hill Powerhouse: Marcy Weinstein
By Jill McLean

The lovely Marcy Weinstein was raised in San Marcos (North San Diego) and remembers it with fondness... the wonderful family, forming excellent values, and building a character that would carry her through life with strength, compassion and quality. There were lasting experiences like being awarded the graceful and coveted title of Miss San Marcos. Next up was the Miss California Universe Pageant where Edith Head was on the panel of judges. Edith was so in love with the gown Marcy designed and made herself that it resulted in the award of a scholarship to the heavy-hitting Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). 

The early part of her adult career was thrilling as she traveled internationally for the garment industry, forming a backbone in making an exceptional career for herself. Her passion and dedication served her extremely well. As with all energized and determined individuals, Marcy desired to keep growing and seeing what she could accomplish with her gifts and talents. Eventually, there was a natural transition into her love of design in the interiors world, bringing her directly into leadership roles with the Steelcase™ and Baker® companies, excelling within the world of sales for projects from the ground up such as our own local Armor All®.

Marcy’s recollection of her life until this point is full of gratitude and excitement about all the amazing experiences she not only had, but also created for others she worked with in her fields of expertise. When we start talking about her next phase, there is an unparalleled sense of wonder and awe in her voice: how perfect, right and exceptional she feels about it, and still does every single day. 

With a larger than life personality and expressiveness she says, “When I see how my life in Real Estate emerged, it really is the best part of my work life!” Having already obtained her real estate license, she pulled out her checkbook on the spot and literally purchased one of the very first plots of land in Newport Coast. She was so taken by the area and the prospect of being in such a gorgeous, dreamlike setting, there was absolutely no doubt in her heart and mind that it was the right thing to do. She is now the longest remaining original resident in the area.

Marcy believes in providing excellence in the educational life of her children. After attending the local Sage High School, her oldest son Macklin (25) is now at Clairmont graduate school studying Applied Mathematics; her middle son Mason (22) is enjoying SMU (Texas) and following the family trend by studying Real Estate Development; and her youngest daughter McKenna (21) who is already an agent and at our very own USC Marshall School of Business.The entire family remembers fun activities and parties starting with the very first digging of dirt on the lot and continuing to this day. Laughing as she describes the pets they’ve befriended over the years, Marcy says, “I’m called Pelican Hillbilly around here! The “admittable” pets have been bunnies, iguanas and black poodles. Of course all names begin with the letter M, just like our entire family.”

When we talk more about her professional life, she shares that the impact upon her life of buying the original Pelican Hill lot is remarkably unique. This decision led her directly into working in real estate and she remembers it vividly like it was yesterday. Now in the business 25 years, her arc of success and the difference she has made in the community is unmatched. She has now been with Surterre Properties for 10 of those years. Her brother (one of the other principals at McKown, Weinstein & Associates) and sister are also in the profession for 15 years and counting. She genuinely loves what she does, and describes how profoundly collaborative and supportive the whole team is. 

Marcy’s own desire and inspiration is to embrace the higher path of helping others in her business as well as the Newport Coast community in its growth and evolution. She is constantly moved by the people she meets, always thinking outside the box, and crafting unique solutions. All the while, she is in awe of the beauty of the area, describing to me in visceral detail about how the homes are tucked into the hillsides, reminiscent of her recent trip to Italy. Every day she is astounded with the fact that there are 7,000 acres of coastline that will remain preserved, and is truly inspired as she walks along the Crystal Cove Beach, describing it as an awesome treasure in our own back yard.

Circling around to things like her personal interests, Marcy tells me that she loves cooking dinners for Pelican Hill neighbors, friends and family, and chuckles as she describes one of her special talents is to take anything from kitchen and garden and whip up something amazing in less than 20 minutes. For her spiritual nourishment, she attends Mariner’s Church as well as Temple Bat Yahm, where her children formed their principles and values. Marcy is a believer in helping others, so she regularly volunteers at CASA of Orange County, an organization that aids kids in our local back yard. Another outreach is the Pelican Hill ladies’ club named “Birds of Paradise”, which meets monthly for lunch and donates avidly to charity and causes of care. Her design background continues to influence and inspire her, taking shape in roles serving on the Master Board of the Newport Coast Committee, many years on the Pelican Hill Board, and currently the Design Committee.

Even with all of her accomplishments and being a passionate powerhouse in her profession, there is an unmistakable warmth and authenticity about Marcy. She is grateful for people and the uniqueness of her life. Her character garners a fruitful family life for her own children and other families, recognizing the beauty of compassion and working together as neighbors and community, always striving to engender these same qualities in all who enter her world.