The Gambills and The Way of The Heart
By Jill McLean

Four hands and two hearts reach out to everyone with compassion when it comes to the Gambills. In fact, Lisa and David just wouldn’t have it any other way. This passionate duo is on a real journey of helping others — both professionally and personally. And we’re not just talking about putting on a positive spin for the public eye… these two diamonds have won the hearts of so many throughout their lives, and their purpose is 100% clear to all who know and meet with them: to help others.

Starting out with the serious business of lemonade stands and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as a little girl, and even moving into being the top generator of Girl Scout Cookie sales, Lisa eventually learned the hospitality business as she managed two hotels in Santa Monica for her father. Immersion into these central hubs where people all over the world converged, a unique capacity for relating to and understanding different cultures blossomed. Next was the launch into her early career in advertising with the biggies like Lintas: Campbell-Ewald and later into the corporate world with Kerr Glass Corporation. Continuing to leverage her understanding of people in these two heavy-hitting environments, she eventually left these worlds altogether with a dramatic change and stepped into a faith-based world while working at Mariner’s Church. With a professional structure formed from her life in advertising, she was encouraged by then-friend-and-now-husband David to develop in new ways working at the church as she formed a very successful children’s program. It changed her life forever, and she clicked into place as she learned to help others in ways that impacted her like experiencing the Aurora Borealis for the first time in one’s life. “I could be bold until I could be strong AND bold in front of those little guys.”

As much as she loves helping others, Lisa also loves change. She’s open to all cultures, and this has been a significant constant in the arc of her current career in the real estate world… starting in 1997 with Coast Newport Properties, and now working with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in partnership with her husband David, she tallies up at 20 years and counting. Between her and David, they have a combined number of 50 years in the business, and are in it together every step of the way. Starting out as best friends, then eventually marrying after more than a decade, David and Lisa do everything as a collaboration with each other. Their philosophy maintains that it’s all about the relationship with each and every client, not just “the deal”. Friendships are forged as they all journey together in discovering the most special way to reach the perfect destination for a new home or the sale of a property every single time. Creative thinking and genuine care for the entire process, uniquely addressing the lifestyle, dreams and realities of each client is always at the core. 

There is true unity as the couple describes how their faith is what inspires them the most… it is the cornerstone of everything in their marriage, their business and their walk in life. This is real stuff, and it’s open and there for all to see. Involvement in the programs at Mariner’s Church is still front and center, and they have brought more charity work into the folds of their time and stewardship with organizations like Olive Crest, which provides emergency and long term shelter and care for abused, vulnerable and neglected children. Lisa says, “I think we all have a chance to make a difference in this world… we must look for these opportunities.” And they certainly are making a difference! In addition to their time and great generosity of heart, a portion of EVERY dime made through their business is donated to numerous charities, and the couple believe in doing more HERE, locally. Spreading a message of compassion, they really are a testimony of a life with purpose in word and action.

Community is felt so greatly where they live in Newport Coast, there is never a moment when any of the residents feel isolated. The structure of the neighborhood is very open, and the presence of a genuine network of friends is very tangible. It really suits the Gambills since they are always available to help others, daily fulfilling what they believe is their purpose in life, individually and as a couple. Life has its challenges, and they are ever at the ready to encourage and remind their community that none of us is an island, and we are meant to be there for one another. There’s so much to admire about and learn from this couple… the way they open themselves to others, staying steady in their beliefs and acting on them daily with genuine hearts, Newport Coast is blessed indeed.