We Love February!
By Jill McLean

Ah, February… the month of hearts and chocolates! Of course, we know that it’s more than this, and we’d like to extend our warm and genuine gratitude to all of our readers and sponsors. As we like to say around here, “The best things always come from collaboration!”.

Individual strengths are truly important and we stand by this, but we also know that it takes a team to build great things. It’s the combination of unique people, talents and contributions that really make up the whole that’s worth it in the end. It’s this combination of special people and experiences that allows our magazine to grow.

We’d like to encourage you to join us as we brainstorm and collaborate for upcoming issues… and there are lots of ways to do this! Sponsorship, free classifieds, business spotlights, event coverage, cultural happenings, and we are always on the hunt for those feature families. We know you’re special and we want to bring you into the mix in the months ahead. Contact us by email or phone (see left column for our info) and let’s get started!