Bringing over 25 years of expertise and artistry to you, Jill's range of work includes abstract art, graphic design, branding, and editorial / narrative writing. Having the unique balance of commercial design and studio arts has developed an incredible capacity for her to provide a direct pathway to true collaboration with her clients, collectors and partners.


Jill McLean

My singular purpose is to Create Life — through meaningful story, personal connection, and revealing an unseen narrative about my love story with Life.  Read my Artist Statement >  

Jill McLean Studios accommodates commissioned / series artworks, archival heritage pieces, written narratives, and luxury creative collections.

The most important endeavor for me is to help my clients and collectors actualize their ideas, enhance their lifestyle, and capture time in a way that is highly personalized, powerful and enduring. My collaboration of emotion and intellect results in the highest level of sophistication, meaning and craftsmanship.

I’m a great fit if you:

  • Want to illuminate your environment with artworks of life, beauty, renewal and light
  • Desire to capture your memories, adventures and travels with beautiful paintings, wire sculptures, or handmade and archival books with original artworks
  • Are an Interior Designer and want to secure a professional resource for commissioned artwork
  • Seek writing for personal stories, reviews, artistic narratives, or travel / destination
  • Value genuine expertise and creativity that promotes quality of life

Connect with me any time about a project, an inquiry, or just to say hello! 

Jill McLean
Creative Founder