Jill McLean is a Chicago based Artist working with oils on canvas, bookmaking and drawing. Having an affinity for light and beauty, she brings out these inner elements from her subject matter of memories, hopes, places and people.



Dreams are the stuff that life is made of.

The mastery of my creative enterprise has a highly specific purpose — to actualize a voice for what starts as an idea, a hope, a dream, a need. It’s all about making the unseen into the visible, portrayed in its truest form. It begins by defining the essence of a person, company, product or story and empowering this core message as it emerges into an authentic, completely sustainable identity. 

The marketing industry calls it “brand”, the art world colors it as “expression”, and the literary world lifts it up as the “muse”. In every creative discipline I serve, being an ambassador of your personal or professional voice means I secure its place in the highest level of craftsmanship, purpose and connection. Everything from the development of a lifestyle brand, the marketing of a product, the deep connection in a painting, or a story that emerges with transformative power, I seek to engage others in a way that is lasting and evolutionary… the voice continues to speak long after there is a temporary or longer parting of ways from the viewer, buyer and reader. Human beings are emotional creatures that are moved in unique ways, so the truer the voice is, the more we relate to and must commune with it, even in its absence. It’s really quite simple.

Let’s bring your aspirations to view. We can define your story and vision. During our expedition together, we'll elevate your message to a level that makes an impact the world needs.

Jill McLean was born in Los Angeles, CA, enjoyed her childhood in the beach city of Corona del Mar, CA, and now resides in the beautiful city of Chicago. Her education concluded with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fine Arts at University of Oregon.

Choosing to live the creative dream, her enterprise includes sophisticated communication design and marketing, a professional and thriving studio practice as an abstract oil painter, and a growing place in the editorial world for publications, all while working on her first novel. Embracing her creative core, she practices what she claims … that dreams of a fulfilling life are realized by tapping in to our true self and giving this the voice it is meant to have.