Artist Statement




The main purpose of my work is to reveal my private interpretation of Heaven. Faith is central to everything my life touches, and the spiritual experiences I have are transformed into colors, markings and movement before my tools ever touch the paint and canvas. Using a symbolic-style language through spontaneous and freestyle markings, as well as building blocks of light and movement of color, these physical components are intended to work together harmoniously, visually translating the amazing gift of life.

Underlying all of my work is a beautiful tension that is inherent in the breath of life, uplifting the viewer into a sensory immersion that is reminiscent of a personal revelation, a turning of the heart, a changing of the mind. With color being the most valuable voice of all, I engage in palettes that desire to illuminate each story to its fullest. Amongst a sea of flowing hues, I form my work through give and take: dense areas co-existing with open air, washes, smudging, texture, brush marks, palette knife, splatters, adding, subtracting, and energetic direction. 

So much of what impacts us in this world is a result of something that is originally unseen and intangible. Even still, life conspires to help us understand in a very real way that which is beautiful, loving and full of light … it is The Great Invitation to shift into clarity and see life from a higher place.

Jill McLean, 2017