The main purpose of my work is to reveal beauty, light and renewal, all of which are initially just concepts … unseen and intangible. Using a symbolic-style language through spontaneous and freestyle markings, as well as building blocks of light and movement of color, these physical components are intended to work together harmoniously, visually translating the amazing gift of my experiences within life, memories, relationships, hopes and convictions. The result of creating the visceral elements is an open invitation prompting the viewer to engage with their own inner light and then shining it back out again.

My intention is formed and made real through the give and take, the push and pull of my approach. This is accomplished through color palette, dense areas co-existing with open, breathable areas, and the different methods of washes, smudging, texture, brush marks, palette knife, splatters, adding, subtracting, and energetic direction. All of these align to give unceasing information about my triple-element purpose, springing from my diverse subject matter.

Ultimately for me, creating is the most direct pathway for the language of beauty, light and renewal to speak openly, genuinely and honestly. While many of us do experience the intangible aspects of these elements within and around us, a visual dialogue — even a private one — holds the inherent gift of being able to remind us of them. This engagement shifts us to a greater desire for goodness, a movement toward life and away from decay, and allows us to secure the promise of a more complete individual and compassionate humankind.

Jill McLean, 2016